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headphones party

After years of working in the field of business music in the form of the Z-Muzik company,


As people who have the world of music flowing in their blood 




And after we experienced number Headphones parties abroad.

As part of our learning process, We decided that we want to bring the experience to Israel.




For this purpose, we established a new department in our company:


In order to allow you to hold your event in the best way possible.

Before any event you are planning to rent headphones,


It is recommended to call our events coordinator, 




So that we can extract the most relevant information and provide you with an optimal solution.


There is no place that is too far, because we believe that there is no place




that does not deserve to have this experience.

Quiet solutions for events that require ambient silence and localized noise:

Bachelor parties on the beach (no more acoustic problems from the wind), events in an apartment building,


Events on Saturdays and holidays or in the middle of the night,




 Projecting movies or audio content in crowded places.


Without any need for amplification or separation between 2 tracks -




you can use two DJs at the same time.

Simple to install and easy to operate.

So for any multi-headset event that comes to your mind, we will be happy to be at your service.

Contact us as soon as possible for an event you will not forget for a lifetime.

To order a headphone party

Thank you very much, we will be back soon

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