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headphones party

A headphone party is the party for you,  A party within a party.

With the help of the headphones you choose what to hear and at what intensity.

You can choose whether to change the music style or just stop it.


At a headphone party you will perhaps for the first time be able to talk to another person at the party without shouting,
Without guessing what the hell he's saying. ithout clinging to the speaker to gain another decibel or two

just remove the headphones and talk. Or put them on and go for a magical walk in the forest...

To order a headphone party

Thank you very much, we will be back soon


Headphones parties

will allow you to express your rhythm

without getting in the way
to the environment simply and efficiently.

The wireless headset system for rent

Ours transmits up to a range of 500 meters,

(Did someone say forest parties?!)

provide you with a wide range of options

to keep up with your pace.

You can arrange headphones party lightly

And without a complicated and complex amplification system.

by renting our headphones,
broadcast on several different channels,
Can you broadcast Different types of music to choose from.


Whether you now want to hold a headphone party as a street party or alternatively project a game in a
pub and still play music.

Headphones for events

Yes, headphone parties - there is such a thing.

Allows you to enjoy your way without disturbing the rest:

Headphones can be rented for a wide variety of uses and events

special party for birthday,

A quiet street party, nature party headphones

evening of mixed events in your pub?
A party and game screening?

Hebrew headphone party and HipHop party together!

And all without disturbing the environment,

There is no amplification system that takes up space and there is no noise for the neighbors.

Renting the headphones and holding the headphone party
will allow you to listen and fulfill your rhythm

At any time and place you like.


Silent headphone parties

Headphones parties are a global trend that is gaining momentum these days. Beyond the "quiet" solution of renting headphones for your party,

This is a platform that presents you with a wide variety of options at small associated costs,

starting with having an alternative party in the street in the middle of the day when everything you need 


just good people to be happy with. 
From here to huge productions that make miracles easy to lift, the road is short...

The amplification equipment disappeared like nothing, Suddenly there are no people who say
"it's a shame there was only one dance floor".

At headphone parties, you increase the volume of the audience that can come to you on a given evening,

The people don't have to choose between an Israeli evening on Tuesday or a black music evening on Thursday,


Everything happens every day. It's a personal party that becomes public and vice versa, 
Your freedom to express yourself and share with others.


This is also how the world understood the potential of a headphone party
as you can see in the videos here on the website.

Z-Silence Team Has been specializing for several years in providing music services all over the country

From "hard core" music services to pubs and clubs (Dj) And to playlists for "normal" businesses on a daily basis.

As people who breathe and live music and having experienced quiet parties abroad

We decided to import this crazy experience to Israel and share it with everyone.

We could of course have done it earlier, but we preferred to wait to bring the most suitable equipment

Because we believe that only with the help of renting the highest quality headphones:

The headphones whose sound quality is Stereo-HiFi,  Their transmission range is 500 m and more

We can create the most perfect experience for you, 

Therefore, if you are interested in renting headphones in order to hold one or another event

Or if you want to have a headphone party wherever,

We are the address for you.


To order a headphone party

Thank you very much, we will be back soon

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